Thursday, January 7, 2021

Under $10 CNY Goodies from NTUC (2021)

Well, CNY is coming soon! If you're trying to save money and on budget but still want to have yummy CNY goodies, then no worries, here are the Under $10 CNY Goodies from NTUC 



 Here are the 3 different brands of egg rolls which I highly recommended to get from the NTUC

Also for now we still couldn't get to travel too but nvm, we still able to get like the very famous Choi Heong Yuen Bakery from Macau Mini Egg Rolls at NTUC

 1. Choi Heong Yuen Bakery Mini Egg Rolls 咀香園餅家小蛋卷 ($6.60)


I love that the egg rolls are in mini size and so 吃多也不会腻,and then is also best to 送礼 give as gift to your relatives or friends too.
2. EGO Taiwan Egg Rolls (Original Flavour) at $7.95

One big whole tub of egg rolls for you to munch at home while watching any midnight movies man! Shiok! 

3. Noya Original Love Letters at $6.80

You also can have Love Letters in Noya style too man! I really find that the love letters are really very traditional and of course tasted good!


4. Assorted Nuts Octagonal Box  at $9.80

5. Want Want CNY Gift Pack at $8.45

I love 旺旺 so much and how can I miss out this 旺旺大礼包呢? 我从小吃到大的旺旺! There are 6 types of  flavours for you to choose man. Shiok to eat Want Want and watch CNY tv dramas or movies at the same time man! 

Yo, the Oreo biscuit are in red colour now instead of the black colour? Woah, so you can have oreo in red colour and not black colour in Chinese New Year man! We all know that red colour is definitely an auspicious colour. 

6. OREO (Red Velvet) Festive Limited Edition at $2.10 

7. Van Houten Almond Gift Box at $4.95

 Love chocolate with almond, then don't missed out this brand of chocolate! Price at $4.95 is really quite cheap and most importantly I find that the packaging of the chocolate is quite nice too.

8.October Gift One Bite Almond Cake  十月初五一口粒粒杏仁饼 at $5.90 (From Macau)

9.Yuki Love Plum Jelly at $6.50 (Product of Taiwan)

I love this Jelly alot and I love this sweet lovely packaging so much! Why do I highly reccomended this plum flavour is because once after the heavy CNY meal, we sure felt so full liao and then here comes the plum  jelly which is kind of sour and sweet taste that makes me feel more 消化 and not too full to have a dessert! Haha:D


10. Golden Pineapple rolls (Sing Long) at  $6.89



Nice packaging and to   is also best to 送礼 give as gift to your relatives or friends too. 



Thursday, December 31, 2020

Short Quick Fruitful 2020

 Is last day of 2020 and finally it is coming to an end liao le! 其实我等这一天已经等不急了啦! Well, this year so many things had happened and the covid 19 situation. 

Okay, awy, here a short quick yet fruitful 2020 which I have done so far for this year

SO here the recapped



I started playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Game 

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Game

My first time using the 全民Party App to sing songs with my best friend at home. It was really a very shiok experience too!

This year, National Day I am so happy to get to see the Mobile Column at Choa Chu Kang (exactly near my home). This is really so cool! 近距离的体验真的是完全不一样.


This year, National Day's celebration is really quite different and I am so happy to get to see the Mobile Column at Choa Chu Kang (exactly near my home).

And then of course, I have started doing alot of cooking  at home too this year. Hehe


Friday, December 25, 2020

Mont Blanc (Delifrance) & Merry Christmas

 This year Merry Christmas on this actual day, My parents and I got this Mont Blanc from Delifrance. 

First time having the whole Christmas cake on the actual Christmas day man 





Awy, I love the cake so much!

I love the creamy chestnut cream and the hazelnut crunch! 

蛮有层次感的蛋糕, 超赞! 


Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Foods/Drinks for this year Christmas 2020

 So what are the foods or drinks that need to be try out during this year Christmas? 


I had got to try out already and I love the foods and drinks so much! Highly reccomended to try out and celebrating such yummy foods and drinks during the Christmas Season!



 Red Velvet hot cocoa with marshmallow 

Not so sweet and really tasted good!



Totally love this Raspberry Yogurt Lychee Log Cake!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa at Gelare 

Love the minty taste so much!

KFC Marshmallow Chocolate Hazelnut Egg Tart. I love marshmallow and chocolate hazelnut. Well, this is really the best combination!

Okay, for me I find that is best to eat this tart with spoon because the marshmallow kind of sticky sticky. haha:D

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Less than $10 Christmas Gfits at NTUC (Less than $10 gifts ideas 2020)

 Tomorrow is Christmas eve already and until now still don't know what to buy for Christmas for your friends or relatives and then becoming very kanchiong??? 


Hehe, here are some of the gifts that are definitely useful, thoughtful, worth to buy for and most importantly less than $10!


Twining Cold infuse  (Teabags for cold water and variety of flavors to choose from)  and I really love that the packaging of this product is really so sweet and nice. Is a new way to enjoy the water with nice flavours. Made from natural ingredients and are sugar free. For me, if I received this as a Christmas gift, I will definitely feel very happy to have this.

 1.  Twinings Cold Infuse ($9.90)

2.  Disney Towels at $6.90.  

There are other Disney Character designs to choose from and most importantly, it comes with a nice box already and so you don't really need to wrap up the gift with gift wrapper. 

3. Organic Fruits and Nuts Snacks ($5.50)

Nice Atas Healthy and Organic Snack to get for Christmas Gift


4. Dettol Line Friends Hand Sanitiser  ($3.95)  Limited edition.

So now, hand sanitisers are very important, so giving your friends or relatives with this cute line friend design hand sanitisers are definitely really very useful gifts. There are designs to choose from. 
If' you're very budget and really don't want to spend more then you can consider this Christmas gift which is under $2. 


Christmas Gift under $2! 

5. Gingerbread cookie at $1.50

Most importantly, can eat the nice cookie! 



THEFACESHOP Free Christmas Gifts to be collected

 2 more days left and Christmas is coming! Have you signed up and claimed the daily rewards already? If don't have, then quickly, go sign up an claimed the rest of the gifts right now. Left 2 more days means 2 more gifts to claim (because you'll not be able to unlock gifts for the days you've missed)

Here the links.

Here are the Free Christmas gifts which so far I have collected 

Free  Lip gloss and lipsticks to be collected!

I have gotten a free Yehwadam Revitalizing Serum (30ml) with any purchase.

I also buy 1 Christmas collection (selected items only) and get 1 free Christmas collection (selected items only). So, worth it man!

Best Christmas gifts I have ever received so far!

Celebrating Christmas 2020 and taking Instagrammable photos

 Christmas is coming soon and so don't missed out the Christmas Decorations at the malls! 

For this year Christmas, Lego Christmas Decorations at the  CaptiaLand malls

Lego Christmas Decorations at Lot 1

And another Lego Christmas decorations at Westgate

Beautiful Tall Christmas tree at The Star Vista 

Simple Christmas Decorations at Hillion Mall 


Christmas Decor at Westmall


Thursday, December 10, 2020

Streats Hong Kong Cafe for lunch (Having Dim Sum, Western, Korean +Thai & Asian meal)

 Well, I have been to Streats  Hong Kong Cafe at Westmall for a few times already. Well, I love to eat Hong Kong Dim sum, Korean and Western and so ya, this is really the right cafe for me to go man! 


Here are the foods that I had so far!


Don't say I bojio! Get a free Lemongrass drink by like the Streats Hong Kong Cafe Facebook page & follow them on Instagram.


Highly recommended to order this - Crispy Fried Silver Fish. One of my most favourite dish! I find I eat liao can get addicted man! Haha somehow I find that this dish seems like more healthier than fries.

Highly recommend to order if you are planning to eat at this cafe!


Okay, I get to order this Bento Set (Korean Style Fried Glass Noodle, Chicken Sttay, Tom yum soup and the dessert) 

  Included a canned drink - Ayataka Greem Tea

 Tom Yum Soup and I find the soup is not spicy at all. Yay, I craving for Thai food so ya, this set got this tom yum soup, I am so happy! 

Korean Style Fried Glass Noodle.


 The dessert is not so sweet too! Okay, I don't know what is the exact name of the dessert but I love this dessert!



 Western -Seafood Pasta with cream sauce




Hong Kong Dim Sum - Molten Salted Egg Custard Bun 

Okay, awy, is my mum's hand inside the photo haha just for your info in case you are wondering whose hands is this.



 Crispy Oyster Pancake 👍👍👍
Totally in love with this crispy oyster pancake. Love the thin layer pancake and is really so crispy!



Foods are really so yummy and prices are definitely very reasonable. 

Streats Hong Kong Cafe


My ratings : ★★★★