Wednesday, September 23, 2020

XW Western Grill for lunch (Food Review) at Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall & Things you need to know before going

 Just recently, XW Western Grill restaurant just opened at Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall. 

Of course, I had went to eat at there for 2 times liao le! The service given was so good, the foods I had so far were really so good and I love the design of the restaurant too! 

Highly recommended to eat at XW Western Grill if you haven't dine at there yet!



Firstly you need to know that 

 1. No Service Charge 


I was really surprised to see a box of free popcorn given to us for snacking first before waiting for the meal to come sia. I really really surprised to see that the popcorn are not those  漏风 one de, then the popcorns given are still warmed and nice lor!

 2. Free Popcorn given



Ordered the main (any from the menu) and then topped up for the soup and the drink 

Soup of the day - Mushroom Soup 

Ice Lemon Tea

 Highly recommended to have the Chargrilled Chicken Chop and Chicken Sausage with 2 sides. Okay, the 2 sides I have ordered are coleslaw and mac n cheese.  I love the mushroom sauce so much! Yeah, I have a bite of the original chicken chop first then after that I will dipped it with the sauce to eat as well as the chicken sausage. 

3.  If you're find that the sauce given is not enough, you can get to request another one from the staff.

Okay, I really love the chicken chop so much and then I had ate the chicken chop three times liao. Okay, the sides I had the Aglio Olio Spaghetti and the potato salad.

 Yes, chicken chop again and then the 2 sides are mac n cheese and this time round I am having the mashed potato. 

Once after almost finishing all the foods, the staff gave 2 slices of watermelon to us (me and my mum).  Woah, really so much surprises from the restaurant, haha.

 4. Free Watermelon to be given


Ohya, before that, when I arrived at the restaurant, I was also given this free ziplock bag from the staff to put my mask in. 

5. Free Ziplock bag to be given

Prices are very reasonable, with great foods & services, I will definitely want to go there again and eat. Looking forward to try out the dessert man!


XW Western Grill (Lot 1 Shoppers' Mall) 
Location - 21 Choa Chua Kang Ave 4 #01-06/07 Lot One Shoppers' Mall, 689812
My ratings : ★★★★

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

豆趣 Do Qoo (Yew Tee Point Outlet, Food Review) & Grand Opening Promo 2020 Buy 1 & 2nd one 50% off

Today, I happened to be at Yew Tee Point and so surprised to see new store -  豆趣 Do Qoo (also by Mr Bean) which sell lovely cups of dessert (base such as soya pudding or grass jelly & toppings such as the popular abacus, matcha jelly or yogurt ball etc) . You can either order the desserts which displayed on the menu or you also can get to customize your own dessert too. I am also so happy to see that there are hot or cold desserts too! 


Okay, awy, I do love to eat  the traditional 客家算盘子 or know n as Hakka abacus seeds (in English) one and then this colourful abacus (算盘子) shaped similar to the 
Hakka abacus seed man. I higly recommended that if you are customizing your dessert, then to choose the abacus as one of the toppings too. The abacus are really so chewy and I love that the dessert is not those very sweet kind of dessert too.  

 Okay, I ordered one of the hot dessert and also one of the cold dessert from the menu.

The staff got recommended me the Yours Taro-ly dessert and told me is very popular one so I got to order it man to try out.  Yes, this Yours Taro-ly dessert is really so good!!! 


 Okay, I am so surprised to see that there are so many 料 (toppings) inside the cup! Is $4.20 and so I think is really worth the price man. I love the taro jelly and the taro flavour abacus the most!

For hot dessert, I ordered the 3 different flavours of the abacus toppings and beancurd (I forgotten the name of this dessert) from the menu and then okay, the hot version of the beancurd and to eat together with the abacus   really quite good. However, I find abit dismay because is so less toppings man for the hot version of dessert.


 Awy, I will still want to to have the dessert again!

Grand Opening Promotion  right now is Buy 1 & 2nd one 50% off and so don't missed out this promotion k!  

Location: Yew Tee Point, #01-52/53 Do Qoo (Yew Tee Point Outlet)

My ratings : ★★

Pepper Lunch Express for Lunch (Lot 1 Food Junction) & Stand to Win Amazing prizes (2020)

Here a short post of my yesterday's lunch. Decided to go for a quick casual lunch today and so went to  Food Junction at Lot 1 and to order my favourite Pepper Lunch from the Pepper Lunch Express store.   


So what I have ordered for lunch ? 

Cheese🧀 Curry Rice with chicken steak and additional sweet corns. 



 One of the best toppings to have the cheese added in the curry to eat man! Shiok!  Pepper Lunch is always my favourite man!



Totally no Monday Blue!

 Once I had ordered the Pepper Lunch, I received the sitcker card and the sticker from the store & so I get to paste the sticker on the card. 


Ready, Steady, Unlock 

Games to register, to play and stand to win $50 Pepper Lunch Vouchers

1 main dish purchased equals to 1 sticker and once you had completed the sticker card (by collecting 8 stickers) and you are qualify for the Live Virtual Unlocking Event. 

Play and stand chance to Win Amazing Prices (300 Prizes to unlock) !

Don't say Bojio! 

Hurry up and go to nearby Pepper Lunch restaurant or Pepper Lunch Express and order the main dish to eat!

 Pepper Lunch Express (Lot 1, Food Junction)

My ratings : ★★★★


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Minions-themed foods are back to McDonald's Singapore Sept 2020 & with news items (Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, Yuzu McFizz, Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce & Melon Waffle Cone)

Minions-themed foods  are fianlly back to McDonald's Singapore Sept 2020! So damm happy to see more new  items at Mcdonald ! I have already dabao and eaten liao for lunch today! 

 Still remember the Minion Potatoes? 

 So damm cute the potatoes to be in minion-shape

The new items will be in Mcd are Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie, Yuzu McFizz, Smoky Nacho Cheese Sauce & Melon Waffle Cone. Okay, so far, I have tried the pie & the cheese sauce and hopefully I will get to try out the rest of the new items soon.  

Okay, my most  favourite is this Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie. So damm good! 绝对很开胃! 

Creamy and Refreshing 

Cheese lover and a yuzu lover? Highly recommended to get this Yuzu Cream Cheese Pie. 


Okay, this is what I have gotten for today for lunch. 



Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A Free & Easy Day Trip at Phuket Patong Beach (Where to Go, Eat & Taking very Instagrammable Photos)

Welcome back to my last year 2019 Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas cruise trip blog post and finally I am blogging it. So ya, on the 4th day, the  cruise reached Phuket and so here the shore excursion!



Taking the ferry to Phuket!  

So happy, once the ferry reached the shore, there were a stretch of shops/cafes/restaurants/hotels to stay, shop or eat man.

Firstly, once I got to reach the Phuket, I will get to the beach first and then to spend some time to take for photos. Well for me, I  recommend to go the beach first so can slowly spend the time to slowly relax, strolling on the sandy beach, hearing the sea waves and to take for nice photos to upload on Instagram or other social medias


 Spooted the Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas?


Once at the beach, of course, get to take a jump shot photo man

Selfie at the beach

Next, the weather over there will be quite hot one, so I got to find a nice cafe called the 'The Coffee Club', ordered a drink, sit down and relaxing  haha. There's free wifi at the cafe so get to ask the staff for the wifi password. 


I got to order this Mango Mojito tea cold brew. Woah, this drink is really so nice and not very sweet type. Shiok to drink such cold drink when the weather was so hot over there that time, haha.

After that, I got to walk around and also went into this resort - Pride Beach Resort.  Once I stepped into the resort lobby,   I have fall in love of the design already. I thought I was

Really love the interior of the design of the resort so much


And of course take a photo of me trying to walk the nice design of the staircase. Love the pure white colour desgin sia. 

Okay, after that, went to find a nice Thai restaurant ( I didn't' take note of the name of the  restaurant but all I know that it was located near the Jetty) to eat man at Phuket. 

Of course, can't missed out the Thai foods sia in Thailand. 

So hot weather, highly reccomended to have the coconut water to drink man. Cool and very refreshing.

We got to order an omelette to eat and so happy to see this happy face design of the omelette man.  
I highly recommend to eat in Puhket - Seafood Fried Rice
Another highly recommended dish to have is this Tiger prawn Tom Yum soup to eat. Must order when you are in Phuket. ! I have been craving for the not so spicy yet very yummy Tom-yum I had in Puhket

The yummy big tiger prawn

 Pineapple seafood fried rice. Tasted also quite okay but for me, I prefer the normal seafood fried rice more. 

Mixed Vegetables

From the same restaurant, I also bought the mango ice-cream to eat too once after finishing the foods.

Of course, I definitely wouldn't missed out eating dessert man.

Lastly, before leaving the Phuket and went back to cruise, I highly recommended to go to the 7-Eleven too. Okay, I went to the 7-Eleven and to shop, to buy back some snacks. 

I love banana and so I have gotten the dried banana and the banana chips.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

NDP 2020 Mobile Column (At Choa Chu Kang)

 This year, National Day's celebration is really quite different and I am so happy to see the o get to see the Mobile Column at Choa Chu Kang (exactly near my home). This is really so cool! 近距离的体验真的是完全不一样.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Taking Insta-worthy photos at Grevin Wax Museum (Seoul) 打卡拍照必去景点-首尔雷万蜡像馆

Love the K-pop Stars or the Hollywood celebrities, then don't missed out the  Grevin Wax Museum once you're in Seoul.

如果你是超爱韩国的K-pop Stars 的话,打卡拍照必去的景点之一就是在首尔雷万蜡像馆啦! Get to take out your camera or handphone camera take photos with the K-pop Stars or the Hollywood celebrity figures!

On the year 2018, I got to travel to Korea (travel with my parents and the tour group (Hong Tai) for 8D7N) and then our tour-guide also bring us to the Grevin Wax Museum (according to the iternary). During that time, it was Halloween Season so oh, Halloween decoration at the Grevin Wax Museum too! So damm happy,  这么巧是万圣节的装饰,又可以让我拍更多照片 sia!



Trying to look scared in the photo when see the skeleton

Kung Fu Fighting ^^

Hahahha my leg 抬不了那么高

摆好姿势,拍你想要的照片, YO!

Look like so real sia!

So much fun man taking for so many photos sia!

超不错的体验。 拍照打卡觉对真的是不能错过啦!

最后,由于自己是跟团去的,所以我总觉得真是是非常的很赶啊,所以呢,拍照都要非常的快。没办法啦。如果,你不是像我一样是跟团去的话呢,我在这里建议可以慢慢来, 去旅行吗,就是要轻轻松松。