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HELLO Everyone! 

I love to play Pet Society last time and I named my pet as 'pupupong'. So part of my pet's name I named as my blog's name now & 'Pu' sounds more nicer than 'Poo'. Haha, I find that after 'Pu Pu' all out feel so shiok too and can start eating lo! Thanks for coming to my page and read my blog!

I love to eat, love to share any good foods on my blog, love to travel and explore around and sharing  my travel trips or any good things all onto my blog! 

Actually, I have started blogging on 2008 and then after a few years I decided to put it private and rarely blogged. Then 2017, I decided to start blogging again as I find that my love for blogging is still there. I know right blogging is  no longer that popular anymore but I still to blog and blog out what I have been doing.

I hope to share out to everyone!
Thanks for coming to my blog to read. 

Loves Travels so much!


Phuket's Trip




Email me puandeat@gmail.com or comment on my blog if you have any questions to ask. Thanks. 

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